Strategic Planning for Managers (and Consultants)

Following a self-paced model with the options of individual and group coaching this program will see you gaining access to the following key content modules:

  • Introduction to the Strategic Tensions Framework — What are the key strategic tensions that any business or organisation and its Executive faces? How can a knowledge of these help you in your strategic planning approaches?
  • Business Models — What is a business model? What are the ways for you to map and identify your current operating business model? Do you need to reinvent your business model?
  • Strategic Planning Processes — What are some principles that underpin strategic planning? How can strategic planning processes be both fun and effective? What are some effective ways for facilitating Mission, Vision, Values?
  • Strategy Implementation — What are the silent killers of strategy implementation? How can you keep the momentum going of successful strategic planning initiatives?

Based on solid theory, the key articles from Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review that this practical online course draws on:

  • Porters – What is Strategy
  • Collin’s – Building your companies Vision
  • How to write a great Business Plan
  • Reinventing your Business Model
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • The Six Silent Killers of Strategy Implementation

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