Being one of Australia’s leading companies specialising in engagement, strategy and performance, Babel Fish Group is a boutique management consulting company that has a wealth of experience ranging within and across organisations spanning private, public and tertiary sectors.

Here’s what people have been saying about our work:

“Andrew’s course provides valuable insights into the strategic planning process. The concepts and methods are both sophisticated and practical. He appreciates and articulates some of the fundamental tensions in strategic planning – such as between ’emergent’ and ‘deliberative’ approaches, and ‘logic’ versus ‘creativity’. The workbook and online resources are of high quality and stimulating, along with a useful collection of relevant readings. And the online delivery extremely convenient for busy people. Andrew delivers the course with panache and humour. Highly recommended.”
— Ian Colley, Director of Make Stuff Happen

“This course is a must for those who need to make time to step back and evaluate their business and update their strategy. With professional facilitation, reference and tools, it presents excellent value for money.”
— Rosalie Cull, MD of Tudor Rose Consulting

“It’s a good way to get a kick start in thinking about strategy. You’ll walk away with some solid references and concepts to get you started. It was fast paced and did not languish. Plenty of references to further self paced reading available, also real life experiences and tales help bring the theory to life.”
— Kate Dalton, Executive Officer of Rural Finance

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